gift Certificates

     You may order and print a Gift Certificate from the comfort and convenience of your home or office.  It quick, easy and secure.  There are many attractive designs for every occasion.  Some examples are shown below.  Just click HERE and you will be immediately taken to the order form.

     If you are having trouble or would simply prefer that we do it for you please fill out the form below and hit SEND or you can call 707-224-8500. If we receive the form we will call you to obtain the necessary information to complete the purchase.  The Gift Certificate can be sent to your email, the recipients email or to FedEx.  If you choose FedEx we will send you a code from FedEx.  You can then go into any FedEx location and use the code to print it.  We suggest you ask for a sheet of white cardstock and the assistance of one of the FedEx staff.

Mais Oui

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