• šŸ’Ŗ STRONGEST SCENT - We Have Developed The Strongest Shower Bomb Fizzies On The Market. Give Our Shower Tablets A Try And Feel The Difference!
  • šŸ§–ā€ā™€ļø CREATE YOUR OWN HOME SPA - Now You Can Enjoy A Luxurious Spa Aromatherapy Experience In Your Own Shower. Similar To Bath Bombs But For Those Of Us Who Don't Have The Time To Take A Bath!
  • šŸ‘ƒ 3 DIFFERENT SCENTS WITH 3 DIFFERENT BENEFITS - Just breathe in the vapor filled with natural organic essential oils like lavender (stress relief), spearmint (cooling) and vanilla & orange (immune boosting)
  • šŸ“— FREE E-BOOK (worth $12): Exclusive access to our comprehensive Aromatherapy Wonders - the complete book of aromatherapy, revised and expanded. Increase your knowledge about aromatherapy and find the essential oils that have the highest positive impact on your health!
  • šŸŽ THE BEST GIFT FOR WOMEN - Our shower steamer comes in a beautiful designer box and is suitable as a gift. no additional gift-wrap required. The best gift for mother

Gift Set of 6 Shower Steamers - With Essential Oils For Home Spa


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